Legacy Controls Migration

Legacy Controls Migration

Concepts in Controls performs legacy control systems migrations

Legacy or out-of-date control systems can significantly impact your bottom line due to lost efficiency and profitability. Solutions for automation, migration, and upgrades to control systems can significantly improve your facility’s capabilities.

Migration is a cost-effective solution to optimize existing investments, to enhance enterprise-wide information sharing, and to ensure that the control systems at the heart of your facility are reliable and sustainable, ensuring the health of your plant.

Legacy control systems migration is one element of an overall modernization strategy that may include several pieces. These include network virtualization, cyber security, and a focus on ROI as it relates to modernization. All are important, but legacy migration forms the core.

If you are an owner of one of the thousands of installed legacy control systems, you have probably already encountered one or more of the challenges associated with keeping such systems working. These include the following:

  • Obsolete/manufacturer-discontinued parts that are increasingly difficult and expensive to replace when failures occur
  • Outdated software that can’t support expansion or new capabilities
  • Exposure to security risks because such legacy systems were never designed to address the risks present in today’s interconnected world

The experienced electrical designers and engineers at Concepts in Controls can assess your old control system, design an innovative and efficient solution, and implement the upgrade with minimal downtime to your operations.

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