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Over 20 Years of Experience

In 1995, after many years in the industry, Doug Stevens founded Concepts in Controls, Inc. Drawing from an extensive background in electrical and electronic controls, Concepts in Controls specialized in the development and implementation of control systems that utilize "open architecture," and that are specifically designed for the customer to maintain. Concepts in Controls also provides customer support services, as necessary, or a desired by the customer. With a knowledgeable engineering staff and a broad range of resources and experience, Concepts in Controls is able to tackle and solve unforeseen engineering issues that arise during any project.

Concepts in Controls Covers the State of California

Today, water districts, processing plants and farming operations use Concepts in Controls to engineer and implement solutions for their: SCADA Systems, VFD Systems, Process Controls, and Custom Control Panels. While Concepts in Controls is able to provide a turn-key solution, we welcome the customer's involvement in every project.

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